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UV lamp: 2 min on each layer of Gel Polish, Base/Top: 3-4min.
Lilly Nails UV/LED: 40sec on each layer of Gel Polish, Base/Top 1min. 

Natural Nails
Apply a thin layer of superbond, then a layer of Base/Top, harden and cleanse the surface, then follow Application.

Acrylic Nails
Apply a thin layer of superbond on the acrylic nail before applying the Gel Polish. Then follow Application.

Gel Nails
Apply directly on a clean gel nail as below:

1. Apply two layers of gel polish, cure each layer in uv or uv/led lamp.
3. Finish with a layer Base/Top Coat, cure in uv or uv/led lamp.
4. Wipe off the surface with Cleanser and finish with Cuticle oil and handcream.

Dark Grape

2.200kr Regular Price
1.100krSale Price
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