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Invicta Cover Natural 30 mlLilly Nails Invicta is our newest nail building system. Invicta lets you create nails in all its forms, from reinforcement to ballerina with deep, sharp smiles. Invicta is easy to pinch for a slender expression like a competition nail. It gives the feeling of working with acrylic but has no strong smell. Invicta is uv-hardening as gel, so you'll have no time pressure on application as with acrylic. It's firmer than normal gel and does not flow away. Curing time: 2 minutes in an UV-lamp / 60 seconds in an UV/LED.Like Lilly Nail's other exclusive packaging, Invicta also has a design that makes eyes twinkle. Rosé gold and crystals give this series its own dazzling appearance.Invicta is used in conjunction with other products in the Lilly Nails Invicta system.

Invicta Cover Natural

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